The Tape Room Podcast

Woman in a Box: The Brushingham Murder

April 16, 2019

Manhattan, 1990. It was different back then. Crime was more prevalent. There were more than 2,000 people killed in NYC that year. Much of it related to the crack epidemic. Still, the box at the corner of west end avenue in the Upper West side didn't seem out of place. The crate was well constructed. The dimensions and even the sanding showed top notch craftsmanship. After a day or so neighbors started to wonder though. A sanitation crew tried to lift it, but it was too heavy. Finally they opened it. Inside, they found the body of  Marcia Brushingham. It turns out her killer is someone she knew very well.

The Tape Room speaks with Thomas Hyland, former NYPD Homicide Detective and current John Jay College professor.

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